When talking about Easter, you definitely think about the Easter cute and colorful bunny chocolate eggs. But what if you are still staying on the strict ketogenic diet rules and of course, there is no room for any candies or sweetness get in line? Don’t worry because we gonna share to you this below list of amazing keto-friendly candy recipes that can bring you a really quick fix to save your Easter mood.

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1. Chocolate Peanut Butter Easter Eggs

You will totally not believe in this recipe we share to you below because it is such an amazingly scrumptious little sweetness with only five ingredients and only 1 gram net carb a pop! This Easter egg, in fact, comes to you under the shape and inspiration of keto fat bombs made with homemade peanut butter, organic butter and support from xylitol as the sweetener.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Easter Eggs

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2. Keto Sugar Free Candied Pecans

Hi there, nut lovers. This recipe is tailored just for you and you only. When your cravings suddenly hit you out of nowhere and the only thing you can think of is nutty crispy treats, how about grab yourself a handful of these sugar-free candied pecans between meals or during the day? With the useful support from Swerve – one kind of sugar substitute – and caramelize under the heat of an oven, you will get this delicious treats in just a blink.

Sugar Free Candied Pecans

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3. Keto Buttercream Eggs

How your kids can stay in a sugar-free diet is a really hard question and headache issues for moms in general, because you just don’t want them to become sugar addictive. Let’s make your kids really tasty and keto-friendly goodies so that they never think of any sugary treats anymore! Basic vanilla buttercream flavored with a dash of cherry extract and some natural food coloring will create a colorful collection of Easter eggs in this festive season.

Keto Buttercream Eggs

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4. Low Carb Sugar-Free White Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate is actually a genuine and life long love of many people, including us. From dark, milk and white shades of chocolate, we still think of it with a sincere fondness. Since we move on with a healthier lifestyle by accessing the ketogenic diet, it seems that we should abandon our little love. Nevertheless, this recipe is an exception to pave us the way back to chocolate by using cocoa butter, vanilla extract, and coconut butter.

White Chocolate Truffles

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5. Keto Cookie Dough Easter Eggs

We have another idea for your Easter basket of eggs in the presence of unique taste from these little sweet and yummy low-carb, grain-free chocolate chip cookies covered inside the crispy chocolate shell. Soft and gooey vanilla-scented inside of the chocolate coat just keeps making your mouth watering with cravings and wanting for more. The best part is that you can finish it in after 15 minutes from preparation to serve on the table.

Cookie Dough Easter Eggs

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6. Chewy Almond Joy Candies

Easter can be called as a candy season cause even you don’t want to buy any candies to your kids, they will soon get them all from other teachers, grandmas, aunts, and neighbors. Hence, preparing some kinds of chewy and indulgent sweet treats for your beloved at this time is not a bad idea. So we suggest this recipe of Almond Joy Candles for your inspiration. Don’t forget to use the finely grated coconut for these to hold all stuff together better.

Chewy Almond Joy Candies

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7. Low Carb Easter Chocolate Treats with Pecans

In Easter, we always temp to seek for some chocolatey treats to celebrate this season of the year. What if you want to ditch out carbs of your daily diets but still want to keep the mood? This chocolatey treats filled with pecans is sugar-free and so keto-friendly that you cannot deny and so delicious that you only want for more. Surprisingly, we only need two ingredients to make it work.

Easter Chocolate Treats with Pecans

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8. Keto Creme Eggs

This yummy low-carb hard chocolate shell covered the creamy vanilla cream hiding a lemon cream inside is so gooey, chewy and indulgent that you cannot deny it in the middle of Easter season. With only 2g net carbs per creme egg, you don’t need to think about your weight or your insulin problem and it is perfect for sharing and enjoying the wonderful treats together around the house.

Keto Creme Eggs

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9. Orange Creamsicle Easy Gummies Recipe

Juicy and refreshing scent and flavor from freshly squeezed, homegrown orange to make the icy cover for the treats hiding perfectly the gooey vanilla cream inside, which makes this become a marvelous creamsicle ice pops but much better. Setting really fast in the fridge, this yummy stuff is ready for your enjoyment in less than one hour and totally low carb, gluten-free and sugar-free for anyone.

Orange Creamsicle Easy Gummies Recipe

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10. Easter Egg Cookie Dough Fat Bombs

Colorful and cute as they are, these Easter Eggs cookie dough fat bomb can become an important part of your Easter Eggs basket’s decoration and make it gorgeous in just a quick blink. These fat bombs are simply made by almond flour and covered by coconut butter supported by vanilla extract to enhance the scent and flavor. The best part is that they also hide sugar-free dark chocolate chips inside for a crunchy taste.

Easter Egg Cookie Dough Fat Bombs

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11. Coconut Butter Filled Dark Chocolate Easter Eggs

Making treats for holidays during the year is quite fun activities that can bring joy not only to yourself but also to your kids that they can participate in and experience everything by themselves. These colorful filling for the Easter Eggs are in fact all made by natural ingredients by using all the familiar superfoods which brings a lot of benefits to your health, too. Melted chocolate is hardened inside the fridge can create the crispy coat of these treats.

Coconut Butter Filled Dark Chocolate Easter Eggs

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