Talking about low-carb and ketogenic diets is talking about abandoning many of our favorite dishes and drinks, especially cocktails for relaxing days or weekend’s nights. However, your life with diet will not be miserable cause we have collected those interesting and creative ways to make your tasty drinks but not failing any diet standards and keep you all healthy as you want.

1. Low Carb Keto Bloody Mary

The blending of a collection of veggies like tomatoes and olive, spice and booze, this bloody mary cocktail is crafted for your decadent and lazy weekend brunch. You can still get your mood up but still can keep track of your diet. Moreover, the combination of color and decoration helps to make the glass of the bloody mary so artistic and appealing and the taste is also amazing enough for you to sip it twice a time.

Low Carb Keto Bloody Mary

Check out the recipe here

2. Keto Mojito

Want to have a little spark in a bright sunny summer but still stay in the ketogenic diet, this recipe of mojito can become the occasional cocktail that you sometimes can seek for. The taste it brings is so light, refreshing and indeed low carb (only 4 net carbs) then you still can swim and enjoy it by the pool with your friends. And don’t forget to put in some leaves of mint to get the best of it, girls.

Keto Mojito

Check out the recipe here

3. Black Beauty – Low Carb Vodka Drink

Black Beauty is the name of this mouth-filling and flavorful cocktail, which is claimed as really easy to make but really complex and interesting taste to deny trying more and more. While adding alcohol into a low-carb diet can be really tricky, it is still possible to do so in this recipe. With black pepper, blackberry, and fresh mint, this combination goes along with each other so well that you can be surprised.

Black Beauty low Carb Vodka Drink

Check out the recipe here

4. Low-Carb Raspberry & Blackberry Mojito Cocktail

Normal mojito can be a bit bored to think about, but adding a twist to it by raspberry and blackberry or even blueberry sounds more exciting. Then we have this recipe for you. In case you are in a diet for losing weight, you should avoid drinking alcohol and not to add it into this recipe, but if you only want to go for the keto diet for better health, alcohol is not prohibited.  

Raspberry & Blackberry Mojito Cocktail

Check out the recipe here

5. Low Carb Margarita

Nobody knows that in fact, margarita can be low-carb if it goes without sweet orange spirit or margarita syrup in the normal bartender-made cocktail. We can solve this problem in just a second by replacing sweet orange spirit by orange extract and adding some Da Vinci sugar-free sweetening syrup to enhance the fruity taste. Other tips and tricks for the best low-carb margarita still lie in our below link waiting for you to click now.

Low Carb Margarita

Check out the recipe here

6. Vanilla Latte Martini – Low Carb and Gluten-Free

This recipe is so special. Not only because it includes the sugar-free homemade Kahlua, cream and vanilla vodka, but also it is not exactly just a drink for an awaking afternoon, it can go as a dessert to end your meal perfectly. This recipe is so creative to combine the coffee flavored liqueur with vanilla vodka and enriched cream so that the cocktail can bring out the taste like heaven.

Vanilla Latte Martini

Check out the recipe here

7. Keto Low Carb Sparkling White Sangria

We usually love the white sangria twinkling under the sunbeams nearby the pool serving with a variety of finger foods. We will tell you the good news that you don’t need to abandon this awesome cocktail when following low-carb or ketogenic diets because we have this recipe for you. The only thing you need to prepare is the mango flavored syrup in hand and we will tell you why in the below link.


Sparkling White Sangria

Check out the recipe here

8. Keto Low Carb Hurricane Cocktail

This eye-catching reddish and refreshing cocktail contains elegant taste with the fruity scent quite identical with the original one but without any carbs. We can find the best mix-up with white rum and dark rum in this drink, too. Mango and passion fruit water enhancers also give an important hand to make this great and you will soon find that keto diet is not about giving up all joy, like this wonderful drink.

Keto Low Carb Hurricane Cocktail

Check out the recipe here

9. Low Carb Santa Cocktail

“Good things take time” is the phrase to mention about this low-carb Santa cocktail because we might need to put a little bit more effort in preparing the raspberry base as it plays an important role to add on “festive spirit” into your experience of the cocktail. This recipe can bring up the mood of Christmas around the house without needing any other warm drinks like hot chocolate and still so healthy with a combination of fresh raspberries.

Low Carb Santa Cocktail

Check out the recipe here

10. Apple Cinnamon Sangria Cocktail

This drink is designed for cold weather while winds are swirling outside our window and we deepen in our warm pajamas. Besides, it brings the fruity taste and girly feeling for us in these days, too. This sangria surely needs apples but we will use the green, not the red ones. You can add on your favorite cranberries into this recipe for better enjoyment. Let’s get right into this recipe and explore what it can bring to you.

Apple Cinnamon Sangria

Check out the recipe here

11. Keto Low-Carb Black Widow Cocktail

No more talking about Christmas, we will bring you this recipe for your Halloween day. So spooky but appealing and flavorsome kind of drinks to fit in the day or whenever you want an exciting drink to feel more creative. Homemade blackberry juice and erythritol powder are somethings that you need to prepare or you can twist up the recipe with a little bit of Ginger Syrup to be a substitute sweetener.

Black Widow Cocktail

Check out the recipe here