Sticking with the healthy ketogenic, low-carb diets and lifestyle definitely requires you to stay away from the unhealthy dishes and meals, which unfortunately is usually the one we love the most, especially pizza is the first one in the list will be crossed out. However, we will prove to you the opposite as we share with the amazing list of the unique recipe to help you make the best keto pizza of your life in just 10 to 15 minutes only.

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1. Keto Supreme Pull Apart Pizza Bread

Wondering which menu you should serve for your hosted party at home or your big family gathering with a lot of kids but still want to stay on track of your diet? We suggest you to try this recipe out to deliver your beloved ones the best keto pizza with the flaky crust, gooey cheese on top, crunchy peppers, and grilled savory sausage that they can’t keep their eyes off it and continue to eat till the end.

Supreme Pull Apart Pizza Bread


2. Portobello Mushroom Mini Keto Pizza

Sometimes during your strict ketogenic diet journey, your carb craving hits you so hard like missing some pieces of takeaway pizza from your favorite local restaurant, and you urge yourself to find the perfect recipe that helps recreate the pizza dough base. However, in this recipe, we don’t need to make a copycat of an original pizza but to make the pizza dough by using the portobello mushroom only.

Portobello Mushroom Mini Keto Pizza


3. Keto Pizza Pockets

As a beginner in the ketogenic diet, you might be surprised how delicious the mozzarella dough can be the game changer for your pizza recipe. Following this grain-free, gluten-free, keto-friendly, and really low in carb recipe, you only need to prepare just 4 simple ingredients and the flavorsome and amazing pizza pocket will come to you as a dinner rescue. Really quick and easy to be successful, let’s get right into it.

Keto Pizza Pockets


4. Keto Pizza Margherita Recipe

Crispy and crunchy crust covered by fully melted and cheesy top spiced up with homemade tomato sauce that can cure all of your cravings just at once. Please be prepared with these popular ingredients like shredded mozzarella, cream cheese, almond or coconut flour, eggs and several dried seasonings for the flavor enhancement. These fathead pizza crusts can be kept frozen for your use up to a month in a fridge.

Pizza Margherita Recipe


5. Best Almond Flour Pizza Crust Recipe

Inspired by freshly made Italian pizza in your local restaurant, we bring to you this unique recipe using only almond flour to make the pizza crust but still keep the crispy and crunchy that one pizza should have. The best part is that this almond flour can help you to avoid bloating, congestion or inflammation symptoms that someone have sensitivity with wheat usually faces.

Almond Flour Pizza Crust Recipe


6. Keto Pizza- Grilled Chicken & Spinach

Keto pizza is always the hardest part because dieters are quite hesitant to try new recipes and because it is really easy to be failed due to the pizza dough. Nevertheless, we would like to suggest you check this recipe out due to its fantastic flavor combination and amazing taste that can make your mouth watering. Stuffed yourself one skinless chicken breast, minced garlic, heavy whipping cream, and fresh spinach to get started.

Pizza- Grilled Chicken & Spinach


7. Low Carb Keto Fathead Pizza Crust

Your kids keep denying to have vegetables in their meals and only look for some pieces of pizza which create your constant headache. We have this recipe to solve it all for you, by making a really low carb and keto friendly pizza crust using cauliflower as the way to add some vegetables to your kids’ diet. Undoubtedly, it tastes exactly like the real things that you can lure your kids from their unhealthy cravings

Low Carb Keto Fathead Pizza Crust 


8. Keto Recipe Pizza Stuffed Peppers

Different from other basic pizza recipes above, this keto pizza is made in a brand new way to help you enjoy yummy peppers, topped with ground beef, garlic, salt and peppers on top. Adding some homegrown diced tomatoes and oregano is also a good idea. In this recipe, we suggest using green peppers but in fact, you can use any favorite kinds of bell peppers or any available kinds in your kitchen to make your own.

Keto Recipe Pizza Stuffed Peppers


9. Keto Skillet Pizza

Have you ever experienced that when your craving hits you but your oven turns out to be broken? Oh yes, now you know the situation. But don’t worry. This recipe of keto pizza really can be successful with only your pan fry. The only thing to notice that you should cut this pizza while it is still hot and just get out of the pan, otherwise, it will be super crispy and hard to cut when it cools down.

Keto Skillet Pizza


10.  Chicken Alfredo Pizza Recipe

When we talk about chicken pizza, we talk about the flavor and seasoning combination mixture. This recipe brings us the super outstanding taste and surprising flavor that makes us keep eating it till the last piece. The crust and creamy parmesan garlic sauce are so filling, impressive and delicious, but it doesn’t need a complicated cooking process or a handful list of ingredients, only several familiar things needed and 10 minutes of your time.

Chicken Alfredo Pizza Recipe


11. Low Carb Keto Chicken Pizza Crust

A chicken crust pizza means that we will make the pizza crust out of chicken, even it sounds quite meaty but this recipe will make you think the counter-wise because fulled flavored with harmonized seasoning and super crispy chicken. You can choose whatever kinds of chicken you like to create this tasteful base such as shredded chicken, ground chicken or even canned chicken are still fine.

Low Carb Keto Chicken Pizza Crust


12. Fathead Pizza Dough Recipe

This can be called a small sized fathead because most of the published recipes you can find online is quite a big serving size that we cannot handle it all alone. So by using the measure with our hand, we will know how much we should do to make a perfect size. Adding cream cheese into the dough is also a quick tip to create moisture for the dough. The other interesting tips and tricks can be found more in this below link.

Fathead Pizza Dough Recipe


13. Keto Pizza Rolls

Sometimes we need our pizza to become an easier-to-carry kind of dish so that we can grab and go in the busy morning or prepare for our lunch in advance. That’s why we would like to suggest you try out this recipe to create a totally different version of pizza dough, the one that is not crispy as usual but to roll all fillings up. Toppings are for your own taste without any limitation of your creativity.

Keto Pizza Rolls


14. Zero Carb Pizza Crust

This recipe to make a keto and low carb pizza crust can defeat all of the previous recipes from cauliflower, fathead dough, canned chicken, skillet or even pork rinds that you ever tried before. The key ingredients here is that we will use the ground chicken to make this perfect pizza crust without heavy tastings like porks or mild tasting like turkey. The time for baking will decide how much crispy you can get from it.

Zero Carb Pizza Crust


15. Keto Pizza Bread

The most indulgent and gooey pizza will be ready for you in just 15 minutes if you follow this recipe. We will have the upgraded taste and harmonized flavor pull-apart version of pizza bread which only includes 2g net carbs and 142 calories per serving. Such a perfect recipe for ketogenic dieters and calories control. Prepare mozzarella cheese, almond flour available on hand and you will surprise how this recipe can lead you to.

Keto Pizza Bread


16. Keto/Low Carb Mini Deep Dish Pizzas

Yes, you heard us right. Your savory and tasteful small pizza is served on the dish, which is amazingly made with muffin pans. This soft dough of pizza is created with the support of almond flour as usual, but toppings include Italian sausage, mozzarella pearls and pepperoni for the dash of additional flavor. Before serving them all to your table, don’t forget to drop some flakes of dried oregano leaves on top for the best.

Low Carb Mini Deep Dish Pizzas


17. The Greatest Low-Carb Pizza Of All Time

We usually save the best for last. This recipe is actually our little secret to share with you. Still using yeast in this recipe, but the outcomes are still perfectly keto-friendly to any dieters to enjoy. The hint for the amazing thing that you are waiting for right now is that we will use the essentially carb-less version of flour, named Vital Wheat Gluten. It’s actually a kind of protein, not carb as we usually think about it. And that is how the perfection of this pizza is born.

The Greatest Low-Carb Pizza Of All Time